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Doc Robin Steel's "Old Time Medicince Show"
Take a step back into the Wild West when the "Medicine Pitch Man" roamed the country side. During this 30 minute program, sit back and be amazed and amused at this combination of ventriloquism, magic and comedy. But keep your hands in your pockets or you might buy a bottle of "snake oil"!

Checkers’ “Magic Circus”
Fun’s a poppin’ when Checkers the Magic Clown is in town! Come run away with Checkers and join his “magic circus”! With his comedy clown magic, antics, and laugh-a-minute audience participation, Checkers is guaranteed fun for the entire family! (For added fun, why not hire Checkers to stick around after his Show and make balloon animals or do face painting for the kids!

The Wacky World Of Tom Smith & Friends
Meet ventriloquist, Tom Smith, and his wise-cracking sidekick, Sam the Cat and Space Lady, as they tickle your funny bone with their funny stories, silly jokes, and corny jokes... all puns intended!

Bernie Stevens' "World Of Magic"
Magic is loved by the young and the young at heart and Bernie knows how to capture his audiences in his "World of Magic".
Bernie is an accomplished children's entertainer as well as an entertaining magician. He has performed for thousands of children throughout the State of Michigan. Why not let him take your group on an adventure into his "magical fantasy land"? A fun-filled 30 to 40 minutes of family entertainment loaded with laughs, mystery and magic.

Rick Rock Zoo - Juggler
See feats of aerial dexterity. A regular "One Man Circus"! Watch as Rick combines juggling, mime, balancing, comedy, and a lot of nonsense for an unforgettable experience.

Josh Casey's "Action, Comedy & Juggling Show" - Juggler
See feats of aerial dexterity. Watch as Josh combines juggling, balancing, unicycle riding, comedy, and a lot of nonsense for an unforgettable experience. A regular "One Man Circus"!

Yo Master Zeemo - Juggler and Yo-yoing
See feats of aerial dexterity. A regular "One Man Circus"! Watch as Yo Master Zeemo combines juggling, yo-yoing, balancing, comedy, and a lot of nonsense for an unforgettable experience.

Exotic Animal Magic

This Show features magic as a unique and amusing way to introduce your group to a vast array of exotic animals. The list of animals vary, but it could include parrots, monkey tail skinks, bush babies, fennec foxes, opossums, giant snakes, etc.

Owen Anderson - New Vaudevillian
Through comedy, songs, and audience participation, Owen is able to bring children and adults together through laughter!

The Flying Aces
- Exhibition "Frisbee" Show
Be a kid again! See feats of aerial dexterity as you watch unbelievable things that can be done with a "Frisbee"!... the tricks that you always wanted to do!

"The Frog Prince" Puppet Theatre
Your audience will be "hopping" with glee as they are caught up in the excitement of this fantasy version of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale, "The Frog Prince".

"Dalby, The 102nd Dalmatian" - Family Theater
Dalby, the 102nd Dalmatian wants to become a "star", and with the help of his friends, Birdy Bird and Buckly Bear, Dalby discovers that we are all stars just the way we are and to believe in ourselves.
With giant costumed characters, music, audience sing-a-longs, what more can you ask for in a family show!

Singer / "Kid's Concert"
Enjoy your all time favorites in this delightful, fun-filled sing-a-long Show.

  • Jim Perkins
  • Maureen Schiffman
  • Dan Hall
  • Ron Coden

Dueling Pianos
One of the hottest, new, interactive musical comedy shows to hit the scene. Sit back, relax, and sing-a-long (yes! sing-a-long) with all of your favorite songs, as you enjoy the comedy, humor, and high jinx of your "singing piano" players. If your group likes to "let their hair down" and "become part of the Show", then this is the show for you!

Hollywood Fun & Game Show
A cross between Jeopardy, Beat the Clock, and Double Dare. This high energy Game Show will keep you on the edge of their seats with all of the thought provoking and funny questions... how good is your knowledge of trivia?!?!?