Xtreme Fun and Games
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Prom Night Parties, All Night Graduation Parties, Pep Rallies, etc.
...Xtreme entertainment for Xtreme events!
Fun for the kid in all of us! Just like bouncing on a bed but a WHOLE LOT B-I-G-G-E-R!
Price includes an on-site operator throughout the day.
Buckle up for some high speed, spinning fun! The closest thing to a "real" Carnival ride without being one. Powered by you and your friends, your're in for one excitiong ride as you spin round and round! (Price includes an on-site operator throughout the day.)

The Giant Inflatable Slide

Be a kid again as you zoom down this GIANT inflatable slide! The sheer size and color of this attraction, adds a whole new dimension to your event!
Price includes an on-site operator throughout the day.
The Splash! or Fun Flush!
Something new, something different... The Splash! or Fun Flush! An excellent alternative to a Dunk Tank.. you sit there and when the target is hit... then splash!, down comes the water on top of you!
There is a delivery charge for this equipment and the Client will need to supply an operator, running water, and the "victim(s)" for this Attraction.
Dunk Tank
Test your throwing arm and see if you can soak the boss!
There is a delivery charge for this attraction and the Client will need to supply an operator, water to fill the Unit, and the "victim(s)" for this attraction.
Razzle Dazzle Miniature Golf
The Razzle Dazzle Miniature Golf is a complete, portable miniature golf course. It consists of nine, challenging holes of golf (but not too difficult); each hole containing fun obstacles to test your putting skills.
This package consists of a complete "9-Hole Putt-Putt Golf Course", all of the necessary supplies (30 sets of balls and putters, score cards, etc.) and all delivery, set-up, and tear-down charges.
“Frisbee" Golf Course
Take your “fun at the beach” playing with your “Frisbee”, and to this combine the challenge of miniature golf, and you now have “Frisbee” Golf. It’s one of the hottest new trends on the scene today! This package consists of a complete, professional quality 9-Hole “Frisbee” Golf Course and all of the necessary sup­plies to play (24+ “Frisbees”, score cards, etc.). * There is a delivery charge for this equipment.


Pedestal Joust / King of the Hill
"American Gladiator Style Joust" inflatable version, with your opponents wearing protective head gear and using oversized jousting poles to knock your opponent off their pedestal onto a safe, air-filled mat. Play the ultimate game of " King of the Hill."
Price includes an on-site operator throughout the day.
"Double" Pedestal Joust / King of the Hill
Just like our "standard" Pedestal Joust, but double your fun! Experience the energy rush as you and three of your friends face off for the ultimate game of "King of the Hill" or "Tug-of-War!" (Price includes an on-site operator throughout the day.)
Velcro "Spider Wall" 
Stick like glue to a giant, inflatable Velcro wall.
Price includes an on-site "instructor"' throughout the day to help teach you the finer points of flippin', stickin', and Velcro Wall tricks.
Bungey Run
Try your luck at running as far as you can inside of an inflatable track while attached to a bungey cord harness!
Sumo Wrestling
The ultimate body slam... put on a hilarious, foam-filled "sumo suit" and step into the ring for the ultimate take down!  Price includes a "referee" and an assistant on-site throughout the day.
Bouncey Boxing
Take your best shot...boxing was never like this. Try to punch out your opponent with over sized boxing gloves once you step into the inflatable ring.
Human Gyroscope
You've seen it on TV! Now experience the thrill of The Human Gyroscope yourself! An experience in human physics... the more force you supply, the faster your spin! They say a 5 minute ride on the The Human Gyroscope is like a 20 minute aerobics workout.  Price includes an on-site "trainer" throughout the day.
Ultimate Sports Challenge  
On your mark, get set go! It's off to the races on this challenging, inflatable, obstacle course. See how fast you can crawl through the maze of tunnels, climb over walls, hurdle over obstacles, and blast across the finish line.  Price includes a "referee" and an assistant on-site throughout the day.
Rock Climbing Wall
Not Mt. Everest but the next best thing! One of the hottest, new “extreme sports” on the scene today! This attraction will challenge both your physical as well as your mental abilities as you try to climb “the Wall”! (Price includes an on-site “trainer” throughout the day. We have both “ridged” as well as “inflatable” walls; the inflatable wall will require electrical power.)
Pro Surf Challenge
Finally a challenging attraction for the teens and up. The ultimate challenge of your surfing skills. Climb on the ball and look for a fall, slippin and sliding is what to expect, give it your best, and then see who's next. Soft vinyl rubber all around, means lots of safe fun for everyone. How many times have you been told to "get on the ball"!
Ride 'Em Cowboy
You've seen it in the movies - now experience the ultimate "cowboy" ride for yourself! Jump up on the mechanical bull, pull your hat down tight, and then see how long you can stay on as the bull twists, turns and tries to buck you off. And if the bull wins, don't worry the inflated area will protect you!
The Human Pretzel
Be a kid again! Relieve your childhood memories of playing Twister, but on a GIANT scale!
Price includes an on-site "trainer"' throughout the day 
Acroflite / Trampoline Thing
I'm an acrobat...flip, spin and jump to amazing heights with an apparatus used by trapeze artists and Olympic athletes for acrobat training.
Laser Tag 
The hottest game of the 21st century! Play tag at the speed of light in a full size laser tag arena.
Virtual Reality
Enter Another World Inside Your Head as you put on your head set and enter a virtual reality world.
M-4 Simulator
Hold onto your seat for the ultimate cyber-ride.
Rodeo Roper
Yeeeha! Ride 'em Cowboy. Try to rope a mechanical calf, seated on a life size mechanical horse. Whoa!
Virtual Mini Indy Speedway
Experience the thrill of victory & the agony of defeat as you race to the checkered flag. Stand behind the driver's wheel and take control of your very own radio controlled car speeding around the track.
Monster Truck Mania
Experience the thrill of "off road" racing. Become King of the Road as you take control of your very own radio-control Monster Truck.
Now's your chance to star in your own MTV-style production or movie video. You will recieve a copy pf the "master video" of all productions made, and we can even arrange it so that each "actor" will recieve their own individual copy.
Detroit Mini Grand Prix Slot Car Racing
Since Detroit is "Motor City USA," what better way to celebrate your event, than with your very own "Mini Grand Prix" Race! High tech, high speed, high performance "Slot Car Racing" appeals to the competitive nature in everyone. 
Batter Up....Play Ball! Radar Speed Pitch
Test your skills and see if you're ready for the big leagues.  
Train like the ancient Samuri warriors. Enter the "battle arena" and test your speed and reflexes.     
Human Bowling
Bowling like you've never seen before! Experience first hand (inside a giant, steel bowling ball cage) what the bowling ball feels like as it flies down the alley toward the pins!
Complete line of professional Casino Equipment
A Casino Night / Las Vegas Party... A fun and exciting form of interactive entertainment that has the look and feel of a real Casino. The only difference is that we use play money or chips so that everything is legal. Just like in a real Casino we feature Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and several different side games. All of our dealers are professionally trained and supervised by a real Pit Boss! Our equipment is of the finest available and has the look of quality.
Comedians & Comedy Shows
We have a wide selection of excellent solo comedy entertainer to choice from. This would include  Stand Up Comedians, Comedy Magicians, Comedy Jugglers, Comedy Singers,  Humorists, Comedy Hypnotists, Comedy Ventriloquists, "New Vaudeville" Shows, etc.
Magic Shows
Hypnosis Shows
Rap Groups, Belly Dancing, etc....
Hollywood Fun & Game Show™
A cross between So Who Wants to be a Millionare, Jeopardy and Beat the Clock.This high energy Game Show will keep you on the edge of your seat with all of the thought provoking and funny questions... how good is your knowledge of trivia?!?, fast-paced comedy, and hilarious audience participation stunts.
"Air Brush" Face Painting Artist 
Let your creativity run wild as you let a professional 'air brush' face painter artist make your dreams come true. (They are able to paint approximately 40 to 50 faces per hour.)
Temporary Tatoo Artist
Go ahead, you know you always wanted a tatoo
Caricature Artist
Watch as the caricature artist creates their drawings whit lighting speed. They're able to create approximately 9 to 11 family heirlooms per hour.
The Button Lady
Something new, something different...The Button Lady! An excellent alternative to a caricature artist! The artist takes your "finger print", makes this into a small customized piece of artwork and then converts this in to a "souvenir button". They can produce approximately 20 to 25 buttons per hour for your guests.
Photo Booth USA
"The ultimate souvenir! Kids (adults too!) get to pick from 27 different exciting backgrounds and recieve 16 self-adhesive stickers they can put on notebooks, birthday cards, envelopes,
in diaries.....on just about anything they can think of. (Package includes all necessary supplies
for up to 300 pictures.)
Carnival Games
Everyone will have a chance to win at these amusing and challenging Carnival Games.  Package includes the Carnival Game and a selection of 200 "simple prizes".  There is a delivery charge for this equipment and the Client will need to supply an operator for each Game.  We also have a complete selection of "Deluxe" Carnival Games available as well.
Psychic Reader
Pull back the veil of the cosmos and peer into your future! See what lies ahead of you in the coming year! Readers' talents range from tarot card reading, palmistry, graphology, psychometery, crystals and more!
Strolling Magicians
Professional Massage
After a hard day, why not let a professional masseur erase those kinks, ease those tight muscles, and relieve those "stress tired" shoulders.
"Photo Magic" Camera
Capture your special moment in a customized, souvenir picture.
"Spin Art"
Blast back to the 60's, as you let your creativity run wild as you create  lasting memories with a souvenir from your day at the Picnic.
Package includes all necessary supplies for up to 300 pictures.  There is a delivery charge for this equipment and the Client will need to supply electrical power (110 VAC, 20 / 30 amp) and adult supervision
Clowns - Strolling
Enjoy the antics and buffoonery of a real live, professional clown. Watch their special kind of magic as they twist balloons into animals and turn a small child's tears into cries of joy. (They are able to make approximately 40 to 50 balloon animals per hour.)We also have 'stilt walking' clowns available.
Clown Face Painter
Become a clown (or your favorite "Super Hero") for a day. Let a professional face painter (in clown character) make your dreams come true. (They are able to paint approximately 20 to 25 faces per hour.)
The Teddy Bear Factory
Something for the young and young at heart!... make your very own "teddy bear"! This package consists of 3 "instructors" and all necessary supplies including your choice of eight (8) different soft cuddle teddies, stuffing, "a heart" to place inside to bring your bear to life, clothes to finished off your bear, and a "birth certificate". (Client will need to supply a two [2] tables for this program.)
* We will bring sufficient supplies to make up to 120 bears during this time.
Karaoke Kid
The newest craze to hit the scene! Take the stage and become the "star" of the show! KARAOKE is the all new, high-tech, portable sing-a-long system where you sing along with the hits from the top 40's as well as some of the old classics. There are over 1,000+ titles to chose from.
Let a professional DJ entertain your guests with a wide selection of easy listening music during your dinner and then get you out of your seats and onto the dance floor throughout the rest of the day with today's 'top 40 hits'.
The Music is Within You! (Synth-A-Beam)
Yes, the music is within you!... so LET IT OUT! Make your own kind of music as you dance around and break beams of light as you turn up the tunes and create your own songs!  This attraction must be set up in a subdued lit area.  Price includes an on-site operator throughout the day.
The Gratitude Steel Band
The sounds of the Caribbean come alive! Let the music of The Gratitude Steel Band whisk you away to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean. With their blend of steel drum classics, salsa, soca, and contemporary music, you'll believe that you're basking under the tropical sun, feeling the warm sea breeze blowing through your hair, and feeling the warm sand trickling through your toes.
They'll get you tapping your toes, up out on your seats dancing, and seeing 'how low can you go' when you participate in a limbo! 
Circus Calliope or Carousel Band Organ
Turn back the hands of time and enjoy the melodic sounds of a Carnival (or Picnic) from yesteryear! Our fully restored, antique Circus Calliope and Carousel Band Organ will bring back memories from a long ago, quieter (?) time. Campy, yes... but nostalgia is in!

50's - 60's Rock 'N Roll - Vintage rock 'n roll at it's best!
Get your poodle skirt ready and your leather jackets out as you 'twist the night away!'

  • The Rich Eddy Band
    • This dynamic duo of musical madmen will take you on a "blast to the past" with their nostalgic, musical trip down memory lane.
  • The Laradoes (The Reflections)
    • Detroit's premier "doo-wop" singing group. They're a Nationally recorded artist with many of their originals now being re-released by "today's up and coming stars".
Dixieland Bands - Toe tapping Dixieland music at its' best!
  • Bobby Schneider and His Dixie Bouncers

"New Country" Bands

  • Janis Leigh and Luck of The Draw
    • This band will have your toes tapping, your hands clapping, and your audience wishing they they were "back on the range again".
  • Cross Country
    • This band will have your toes tapping, your hands clapping, and your audience wishing that they were "back on the range again"!
  • Clinton River Band
    • One of the up and coming stars of the Detroit area. This group is "setting the Detroit music scene on fire with their music"!